Our Quail hatching

As you may know from my post back in July of 2016 we have been raising quail. We received our first batch or 50 day old chicks via the USPS mail. And due the large number of males in that batch we did have to take a number to the butcher. The quail was pretty good but can be tricky to cook. Or maybe we just haven’t worked out the best recipe yet.

But this year we are hatching our own from the eggs we have been collecting. We used a Hovabater incubator which is simple to use with a automatic egg turner.

So as of today we have officially have new have quail babies. With still more trying to crack through! Can’t wait to see how many we have in the morning. #quailhatchlings #quailbabies

Our first quail hatched 🐣 tonight. What a privilege to see this little life enter the world. So amazing and cute!


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