April 21, 2019


Hello, my name is Nicole Dooley, and welcome to Planet Worth Living. My purpose for this blog is to promote health-conscious solutions and alternatives to save our world from the chaotic direction it is headed. I believe knowledge is power, therefore the primary purpose of this blog will be to help you navigate through the misinformation about healthy lifestyles and living green.

A major topic I will focus on through this blog is sustainable living vs. conventional living; how conventional farming and GMOs are wreaking havoc on our environment, by destroying biodiversity and poisoning consumers with its synthetically induced and pesticide riddled agriculture. Furthermore, I will discuss the positive impacts sustainable living has on both the micro (Our own personal lives.) and macro (The larger economy and world.) ends of the spectrum.

Planet Worth Living will also:

EDUCATE people about nutrient dense foods, home remedies, and natural alternatives.

DISCUSS various (Non-fad) diet options. Diets that become new lifestyles. (Vegan, Paleo/Primal, Raw, etc.)

PROVIDE recipes for healthy living, and reviews on organic/environmentally sound products.

FACILITATE discussions about physical and mental health.

Most of all I want this blog to help foster a world where diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and environmental issues such as pollution, drought, and climate change are non existent. I believe a world can exist in which each person lives a healthy, happy, long life, while maintaining the qualities that make our planet worth living. Thank you!

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