After this you will only want to buy organic

I watched this documentary with my 5 year old daughter recently. It really made it very easy for her to understand why I want her to eat healthy whole foods. She saw that the majority of the food available in the stores in full of pesticides, herbicides and mutant DNA that has been linked to birth defects, infertility, autism, cancer tumors, and autoimmune disorders.

I truly believe this will help her to make good choices and hopefully she will not to eat the junk food that sometimes becomes available to her at school.

Now more than ever we cannot trust conventional food. Monsanto, Dow, DuPont and Bayer have totally and utterly corrupted our political system to the point that the food that most of us eat is literally killing us.

Please don’t take this from me.The scientists this video are experts from around the world that have the knowledge and the expertise to explain to you the full dangers and concerns about our food system. Take the time to watch this video – it might save your life and most importantly the life of your children.

Below is a 17 minute trailer version of the full documentary.

To watch the full documentary and support the makers of this film, visit: Genetic Roulette (DVD): The Gamble of Our Lives
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