Paleo Chef Dressing – Product Review


What a wonderful day! Since I live in the highland desert area of Southern California the autumn weather is so lovely. With just a small hint of wind and the brisk air, it gives you the anticipation to the chilly nights and the upcoming holiday season.

I decided I wanted to enjoy a crisp salad with my family on this lovely autumn night.  I came upon Paleo Chef Dressing at my local Whole Foods. This interesting dressing contains no junk, is gluten free and doesn’t even have any sugar or corn syrup.

I made the family a salad with baby spinach, baby kale, baby chard with chunks of cheese (organic New Zealand Cheese) and slices of raw mushroom. The maple mustard dressing was the choice I made for this new food adventure and I am so glad. The mustard flavor wasn’t overpowering like you can get with conventional honey mustards dressing and the pure maple syrup and orange blossom honey gave just a hint of sweetness without being sickly.

It is sad to see that more and more salad dressings on the market have an ingredient list the size of my forearm. But the Paleo Chef Dressings range have a very short list of ingredients. Plus all the ingredients you can actually pronounce and you actually know what they are. So thanks Paleo Chef for producing a tasty plus nutritious salad dressing that I can enjoy that doesn’t become a detriment to my health.

Plus my 6 year old loved it!


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