Himalayan Crystal Salt: Pink Gold

Salt has been a key player in the survival of humankind as its ability to preserve foods was a foundation for civilization. The salt-shaker has been a staple of the dining room table, sitting next to its brother Pepper for ages. Yet, in recent years low-salt diets have become a fad, as salt has been accused of leading to heart disease and hypertension. How has an essential part of human life, which once was a luxurious commodity and often used as currency, developed such a bad rep?

The simple answer: misinformation. In a Scientific American article Melinda Wenner Moyer(1) writes that for “every study that suggests that salt is unhealthy, another does not”. The real truth however is that the type of salt we consume does matter. Unfortunately most of the salt in peoples diet comes from processed foods.(2) High sodium salt, such as this, is unhealthy for us and not the kind of salt that our bodies need. Most table top salts are harmful to the human body as well because is contains harsh chemicals and are altered from its natural state in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, even iodized salt is only an artificial version of the mineral. Unfortunately, not all salt is created equal.

However, do not let your taste-buds fear, because a healthier (and better tasting!) salt exists: Himalayan Crystal Salt! Himalayan salt is millions of years old and completely pure. It is untouched and unpolluted by any metals, industrial toxins, or any of the pollutants that mix with ocean salt. Plus, it’s hand-mined, hand-washed, and is minimally processed.

Besides being pure, Himalayan salt also has a number of health benefits lacking in common household and cooking salts. According to Dr. Edward Group, Himalayan Salt promotes and controls the water levels, pH balance, and circulation of the body. It makes the body feel great by reducing cramps, increasing bone strength, and lowering sinus pain and infections.(3) It also makes you more attractive and puts a spring in your step by reducing the common signs of aging, helping with sleep patterns, increasing the body’s overall energy, and by promoting a healthy libido! Himalayan Crystal Salt is so good for the body that many people are replacing their morning coffee routine by drinking Sole(4), water, completely saturated with Himalayan salt, which nourishes every cell in the body!

So, it might be time to replace the old salt shaker on the dining room table with the healthier alternative of Himalayan Crystal Salt. But be warned, once you try this salt, you very well may become addicted, after all this salt was known as “white gold” to the Himalayan’s.



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Photo By julajp (A while busy) via http://public-domain.pictures/

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